Warranty & Terms

Perfect Renovations Group is also referred and operating as 2373265 Ontario Inc, or otherwise referred to as Perfect Renovations Group.

Subject to our limitations set forth below, for a period of 12 months from the date of your job’s completion and of the work described on the front of your written or electronic copy of your quote/contract, Perfect Renovations Group

Painting Warranty:

We will repair blistering, chipping or peeling paint resulting from defective workmanship in respect to any quoted painting services project. With all Renovations projects our warranties are a standard 12 months based on many of the same painting standards and rules that can and will be applied. Please note all Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC and any Mechanical service that are supplied by our employees or and Subcontractors is only warranted for 90 days via our partners and not 12 Months as noted in our overall warranty based on the last day of work completed in the home.

For any warranty to be valid the following must have occurred.

  • Retain a copy of the original contract (Invoice)
  • Pay the full contract price of our service
  • Pay in full any other invoices outstanding with Perfect Renovations Group
  • Retain a copy of your cancelled check or other evidence of full payment from any Electronic payment method
  • Make your property accessible to us to perform the repairs

This limited warranty does not cover:

  • Any work where Perfect Renovations Group did not supply the paint or materials, unless written approval has been provided and the material are approved in advance.
  • Any work which was not performed by Perfect Renovations Group
  • Varnished surfaces are not covered
  • Surfaces made of, or containing, galvanized metal or steel
  • The cost of paint or materials required to perform the repairs
  • Repairs to horizontal surfaces or any surface that, by virtue of its design permits moisture to collect. Surfaces include, but are not limited to, decks, railings, staircases, porches, roofs, and wood gutters
  • Exact paint match is not possible as environmental conditions will affect the color and finish of all paints over time
  • Any repairs which are necessitated as a result of a defect in the paint regardless of whether the paint was supplied by Perfect Painters or the customer. We would be happy to include the manufacturer in such issues.
  • Bleeding, caused by knots, rust or cedar.
  • Cracks in drywall, plaster or wood.
  • Peeling, blistering or chipping where they are caused by:
  • Structural defects
  • Peeling of layers of paint existing prior to the work performed by Perfect Painters and the customer choosing not to allow Perfect Painters to do the appropriate and proper prep work.
  • Settling or movement, of the subject property.
  • Moisture content, of the substrates
  • Damage or defects caused in whole or in part by reason of flood, explosion, fire, acts of God, extreme weather conditions, misuse, alterations, abuse, vandalism, negligence, or any other similar causes beyond the control of Perfect Painters.
  • Abrasion, mechanical damage, abrasive cleaning, abuse, or damage resulting from use of chemicals or cleaning agents or exposure to harmful solids, liquids or gases.
Repairs under this warranty will be performed only on the specific areas where peeling, blistering or chipping has occurred and only to the level of surface preparation described in the preparation section of this Contract.

All renovations warranty work will be reviewed upon customers request to Perfect Renovations Group for evaluation. While we maintain a high standard we will work to resolve any poor workmanship provided by our staff, we cannot be obligated to repair work that may have been damaged directly or indirectly by the customer of record or malfunction or defects of materials regardless how it was supplied. Perfect Renovations Group and or its affiliates, cannot be responsible for damaged created by a 3 party trade, i.e. plumbers, electricians, HVAC, Roofers, Concrete formers etc even if arranged either verbally or in writing and either directly or indirectly from Perfect Renovation Group and any or its affiliates. Perfect Renovations Group will assist in working with these specialty trades as they are accountable for any damage for any warranty they may offer. We would assist in this process to the best of our abililities.


This warranty gives you some specific legal rights. Some jurisdictions or provinces do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you. For warranty service, you should contact any of our affiliates at their main number as posted on our website.

Renovation Work that is Non Standard

Items considered Non-standard for Renovations work. Please see list below but surcharges are applicable in these cases. These items are not included in any renovation quote unless specifically included in the renovation estimate.

In General Materials are not Included in any estimate or contract unless specifically mentioned in the estimate as “supplied” Estimated Cost of Raw Materials is a General Estimate Only and is subject to change based on the project requirements.
  • Tiles standard is 12 x 12, Over-sized and Undersized or irregular dimensions or layouts are non- standard. 12x24 Brick pattern installation are subject to a premium. Installation of any Marble, Granit Tiles are non-standard and are subject to extra charges unless specifically listed as Included...
  • Flooring Leveling or Insulation of subfloors must be quoted as a separate line item and is not considered included any project.
  • Tile sealer is not standard or specialty grout or non-standard and specialty grout colors may have extra charges.
  • Specialty design patterns with Tiles and included mosaic patterns are not standard and subject to extra charges unless specified in your contract/quote
  • Soundproofing is non standard
  • Spray foam is non-standard
  • Hardwood Flooring non-standard patterns are non-standard
  • Replacing or adding new Sub-floor is non-standard.
  • Plumbing reconfiguration due to new sinks or facets is non standard
  • Landscaping work, Sealer's are non-standard
  • Baseboards quarter rounds or “shoe mold” is not included as a standard when installing baseboards.
  • Insulated doors are not included in interior work
  • Unforeseen or undocumented Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing charges are not included and are typically billed by the hour at our standard hourly rate of $99.00 per hour.
  • Duct Cleaning, or Construction type of clean-up is not included in any renovation project. We will leave the home in reasonable and respectable order.
  • Garbage removal is not Included in any of our work unless specifically noted in your estimate as included
  • Permit and Architectural Drawing fees for permit are not included in any quote cost unless clearly noted in the customer’s contract as included. They do not include any cost in respect to Design Floor plans, Fixture & Materials plans, Interior Design work, Mechanical, HVAC, Electrical Drawings, ESA permits, Plumbing and or Structural Engineering Costs unless specifically noted that they are clearly defined as included. All project that we provide permits for are quoted based on the approved permits and drawings and the requirements of the stated work in the drawings. Any changes by Inspectors that may be requested outside of the approved drawings and scope will be considered extra charges for the customer. Customers are responsible for all city permit fees, committee of adjustments fees, and or development fees and applicable taxes. Customer may make any design changes but will be subject to all revised Mechanical, HVAC, Electrical Drawings, ESA permits, Plumbing and or Structural Engineering Costs and additional Project Management Cost billed at our Project Management fee of $149.95 per hour if changes are made after initial drawings and submissions are completed to the subject municipality.
  • All Specialty tools or tools that are rented by Perfect Renovations Group for a specific work will be charged to the customers. All standard Job tools are included in our agreements but will not include Floor/Deck sanders and tall ladders over 21ft, scaffolding or Booms and lift rentals for any projects.
  • All specialty item will be billed as an extra unless specifically noted in the contract, These specialty items may not always be known in advance of work production but will be address to the customer in advance of work commencing.
  • Some renovation work may lead to other work being completed and we ask all customer to understand these situations when they arise. Example Installation of hardwood floors (Shoe Mold) will need to be removed and reinstalled and typically painted/caulked and filled or new shoe mold where as it did not exist. i.e. Carpet to Hardwood Installation and would be considered and extra charge for time and materials.

Please note any non-standard work can be completed at additional cost.

Electrical Installation & Permits

Please note that we comply with all ESA Guildlines and are required to pull permits according to ESA rules and standards. Please note inspection are mandatory and for your safety and protection of your home. Each Inspection has a minimum charge of $299.00 and if it is higher we will notify you prior to inspection and not included in any Electrical Service. It is very typical in a home renovation that a rough in and finished Inspection will be required.


All Payments are due upon job completion and final invoicing however is subject to a 7-day grace period before interest would commence after the last day of work or completion of the project or termination by the customer of the project. Typically all final invoicing is sent electronically and Interest is payable at 28% per annum calculated monthly for non-payment and compliance. When not defined in writing a subsequent pick up delivery fee may apply up to 15% of the Material cost. Credit Card fees of 3% apply to any customer invoices equaling $5,000.00 or more regardless of the transaction sizes if payment is made by this method. All disputes will be directed to the President of the Corporation. Please note all materials and supplies that have been provided by Perfect Renovations Group will be payable at our cost plus a minimum of 15 % handling fee and all applicable delivery charges may be applied in addition to these charges and we continue to own all such materials either installed or on a job site until full payment is received.

All special pricing will revert back to Full Pricing/Standard Pricing if payment for services is not paid in full as of 30 days of the last day of work performed regardless of how the discount was applied thru, discounts, coupons, vouchers discounts or any special offers. Fixed Quote Projects are subject to 28% Interest on the Final Invoice for non-payment after our services have been performed or the later of 7 days after the last day of work or termination of the contract by the customer. Our Full Rate for Painter of the Day or Handyman for the Day is $799.00 as per our website's pricing when in default of any payment.

Perfect Renovation Group reserves the right to invoke all remedies to get account paid including, collections of non-payment and construction lien’s when required. Legal Cost and Administrative cost will also apply in non-payment of accounts and is agreed to in advance of our services that would commence. By Providing Perfect Renovations Group your Credit Card you allow us full authorization to invoice your Credit card for all services that are invoiced to you for services and materials provided which is subject to 15% applicable delivery and handling fee.

Any work performed by staff of Perfect Renovations Group that is not pre-quoted in writing will be billed at our standard hourly rate of $93.20 per hour plus all material costs. Interest is payable at 28% per annum, calculated daily. All paint supplied by Perfect Renovations Group to any customer will be billed at the manufacturers MRSP pricing respectively unless otherwise specified in writing.

Minor Patchwork definition (Prep): Minor patchwork should not exceed for that 10 patches per standard room and no longer than 10 minutes of work from our painters. All additional patchwork as per customer’s request will be billed accordingly. Perfect Renovations Group Standards included in our service is 1 Coat of Paint on Ceilings, 1 Coat on Trim and Doors and all wall coverage is 2 coats of Paint coverage with Closets not included for any quotation unless specifically noted on the quotation contract.

Garbage Disposal on all renovation work and or painting work is the responsibility of the customer. Perfect Renovations Group will arrange the delivery or a disposal bin when required and will bill the customer unless noted in customer contract as Included. Customer must provide parking to all staff/subcontractor at the customer’s expense.

Any work complete outside of a job scope (Quoted Service) is subject to our standard hourly rate ($93.20) unless agreed to in writing.

Extended Warranties are available at a 5% premium per yearly warranty based on the fixed price of the total quoted project and can be increased to a maximum of 5 years upon approval.

Level 1 Painting No Warranty
Level 2 Painting 1 Year Warranty Premium is included
Level 3 Painting 2 Year Warranty 100% Premium must be paid
Level 4 Painting 4 Year Warranty 200% Premium must be paid
Level 5 Painting 5 Year Warranty 300% Premium must be paid
Verbal warranties will not be approved. All Level 3 Painting and above must be approved by the President

Disputes and Resolutions:

No payment or invoice due shall be withheld by the Customer on the grounds of non-performance or alleged defects or failures on part of the Corporation actions and or delivery. In the event of such claims the Customer will continue to complete payments and lodge a formal complaint in writing to the Corporation 2373265 Ontario Inc. In the event the complaint is not accepted by the Company with negotiations for up to 10 business days of formal complaint it's recommended the dispute shall be resolved by arbitration and shall be held in Mississauga Ontario. It is understood all arbitration cost are shared 50-50 with the Customer and the Corporation and is a suggested forum to solve issues that can’t be resolved by the customer and Perfect Renovations Group.

Cancellation Policy:

Painter & Handyman of the Day Service the following rules apply, The Minimum Cancellation cost of $199.00 per staff per day plus applicable material. No Refunds are permitted unless with 10 days of the date of purchase.

Any Quoted Projects Projects (Fixed Contracts,Signed Estimates and Firm Pricing with Paid Deposits) is subject to a 50% penalty if cancelled within 7 days of scheduled start date or agreed start date unless this is within 10 days in which a customer can expect a full refund from the date of execution.

The Cancellation fee is 50% of the Minimum contract or estimate value plus applicable materials if purchased and Garbage Disposal completed if any and for any remaining services that are cancelled during your project that have not commenced but contracted for are subject to the 50% penalty based on the minimum signed estimate or contract value.

Any Cancellation requests within 10 days of a paid deposit and or acceptance are subject to a full refund with no cancellation penalty as per Ontario Regulations if the project has not commenced. Any deposit refund requests will be processed by Head Office and will take up to 30 days upon written cancellation request. All warranties rules and regulations are subject to change without notice.

Termination of the contract by the customer: The customer will be billed immediately in full for all contracted services and for all materials purchased, delivered and or installed in the customer’s premises including special orders that may or may not be delivered at the time of termination. Changes in projects will be provided in writing and or verbally discussed with customer. All work that has been completed on the premises is subject to extra fees at our default hourly rate of ($93.20) per hour if not expressly implied in the written agreement and applicable materials or equipment surcharges if applicable, if the work has been completed on the subject premise it will be billed to the customer. Work completed is considered an improvement to the subject property, and that the work has been accepted by the customer by allowing The Home Improvement Group to complete this additional or required work of the subject property.

Cancellation of Project by The Home Improvement Group. If The Home Improvement Group cancels a project during your renovation for any reason The Home Improvement Group will bill the customer as determined by them for the work completed to date, including all materials purchased on their behalf. The Home Improvement Group also reserves the right to withdrawal from any customer project and bill the customer for work performed to date at our Standard Hourly rates ($93.20) plus materials. No cancellation fee's will apply when The Home Improvement Group request to cancel the contract.

Customer Materials Purchases: The Home Improvement Group can not return any custom orders and material purchases that are supplied by THIG, they are non refundable when supplied by us. We will do our best with our suppliers to make any changes on your behalf if possible however we must adhere to this policy and in some cases a restocking and delivery charge would be added in assistance of any approved supplier changes and approved returns.

Electrical Installation & Permits: Please note that we comply with all ESA Guild-lines and are required to pull permits according to ESA rules and standards. Please note inspection are mandatory and for your safety and protection of your home. Each Inspection has a minimum charge of $299.00 and if it is higher we will notify you prior to inspection and not included in any Electrical Service. It is very typical in a home renovation that a rough in and finished Inspection will be required.

We will maintain a high degree of fairness when contracts are dissolved by either party and are ready willing and able to complete our contractual obligations.